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How to enable and disable a pop up blocker Internet Explorer 11?

When using Internet Explorer 11, users will find a few types of pop ups that will appear on the screen. They may offer some valuable things or services or just annoy. There’s a built-in ad blocker in IE11, so you don’t even have to configure it if you are fine with the ads that you see every day. If there’s a desire to remove all types of adds, scroll down to know how to do this.

How to configure a popup blocker Internet Explorer 11?

It’s enabled by default and you find it the Privacy tab of the Internet Options. There you will notice a tick near “Turn on Pop-up Blocker”. Enable or disable it as often as you need. And configure it by clicking the Settings button. You may want to get a notification when a new ad is removed and add some sites to the whitelist.

There’s a much more efficient way to block all types of ads in Internet Explorer 11. It’s installing and using an application that was developed for this purpose. Simply download and install it, and start using a browser as usual. Here’s how users can do this:

● Go to https://stopad.io/windows;
● Download and install the app;
● Launch the app to forget about pop up ads.

You see a window with the number of pop up ads that were deleted. Of course, there’s number of removed ads only after the start of surfing online. The configuration of the software is set the way to start using it right after the installation. Pick up what kinds of ads it should block or what apps on the computer works fine without the control of the app.

StopAd works wine on Windows 7 and newer versions of the OS. One of the greatest benefits of this very software is that it blocks popups even when in a private mode or when using virtual private networks. You won’t have the same with the built-in feature of IE11.

Blocking popups in IE 11

The default ad blocker is always enabled in Internet Explorer 11. It takes seconds to remove one tick from the Settings to disable it. If you wish to get the most from ad blockers, the best variant is using an application that is absolutely free and safe for the computer.

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