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How to turn on pop up blocker in Chrome?

Surfing online means visiting different websites and spending some time there. When clicking some specific links or just going to specific pages, sudden windows come up. They may annoy you and make you leave the site. It’s a type of advertisement that takes a part of the screen and it’s sometimes hard to close. There are a few ways to turn off pop ups.

We’ll describe both ways in detail, so choose the most suitable variant. One of them will take away ads in one browser only while another one will remove all kinds of ads on the phone or computer.

Turn pop up blocker on Google Chrome

One of the hardest way to get rid of ads in a browser is going to its settings and configuring everything manually. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you about easier ways a bit later. Open this browser and take the following steps:

● Open Preferences menu;

● Go to Advanced settings and Choose Content Settings;

● Go to Pop ups;

● Make it Blocked.

It’s a bit hard to do, so we recommend using StopAd as a standalone application. It works fine on Windows and Mac. It automatically blocks any kind of commercials when opening Chrome. Here’s how to install it:

● Go to https://stopad.io/;

● Download and install the app;

● Launch it;

● Enjoy using Chrome.

Why do you need to install a standalone app? Get a few benefits. The first is the ability to use Chrome in private mode. Turn off pop ups in this case. If using StopAd, you are also able to use virtual private networks for surfing. And you won’t see any ads as well.

Use StopAd for blocking ads in the browser on iPhone, Android phone, Windows and Mac computers. The steps for installing the app are the same for every operating system and for every device. The app can block ads before you even notice it on the screen. It get updates regularly, so even the latest tricks of the developers will not work. If using built-in settings of the browser, it will not be updated so often as required.

How do I turn on pop up blocker in Chrome?

Nothing is so easy as making ads never appear on the screen of your device. There are two ways. One of them is to turn on Chrome settings manually. It’s difficult to do and you get a limited number of features. When launching StopAd, you get the unlimited number of features that block advertisements not only in one browser, but other applications on the device.

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