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How to temporarily disable pop up blocker Chrome

There are two ways of disabling your blocker – doing it with help of Google settings, or by installing your own rules in the settings of StopAdd. Both of them are simple and effective, but if you are bored with the ‘internet silence’ – you always can delete the app. And while you decide what to do – you can learn there how to do, and make a choice.

A little bit about pop up blocker

А pop-up blocker is an app on your device that protect you from all annoying advertisement windows, which can appear on your screen, when you use internet. Some of them just straightway close the pop-up window, but others displug the signal which ‘wake’ this window. Lots of browsers software аllow the user to make a choice: to keep their app-guards on or disable them. 

The best ‘five’ of pop up blocking apps for Chrome is:

  • StopAd.
  • Poper Blocker.
  • AdBlock.
  • Adguard.
  • AdFender.

You just should find the most comfortable for you – and enjoy using Internet without ads.

How to do it – in details

If it is needful to temporarily stop blocking ad because of some web-sites or work, or you just miss this little cutie ads on your screen – you can temporarily disable the app. Let us tell you how to do it step-by-step.

  1. Click on the icon of ‘Google Chrome’ and open it
  2. Click on three points upside right and choose ‘Settings’
  3. Swipe down, click on ‘Advanced’ and choose ‘Content Settings’
  4. Find there ‘Popups’ and add web-sites on which you want to disable your app
  5. Indeed you can click on Settings in the app StopAdd and choose what you want to be blocked or even install your own rules

Voila! In four steps your browser works how do you want.

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