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How to stop pop up ads in Safari?

Safari is a super great browser that is easy to use on Mac, iPad or iPhone. There’s only one thing that can spoil your experience when going online and launching the browser. Here we mean sudden pop up windows that come out when you go so some websites. Site owners offer some services, goods, discounts and other things. In most cases, such ads won’t harm your device, but they will surely annoy anyone and distract from the major actions. How can you stop pop ads in Safari? Scroll down to find out.

Steps to stop pop up ads in Safari

There are two ways for solving the problem with pop ups. The first comprises the manual configuration of the browser while the second one means installing software provided by the third parties. We are going to describe each way in as much detail as possible.

Manual configuration takes longer time. Open Safari and take the following steps:
● Open Preferences window;

● Go to Security tab and tick the line with “Block pop-ups”;

● Start using the browser as you were used to do this before.

This way of blocking pop ups will not always work fine. We mean that you will see a part of pop ups that are not blocked by the browser. You cannot use this feature for a private mode or when using virtual private networks. It’s absolutely free, but it can’t cope with all type of ads.

Another way to block ads is installing StopAd. It’s an application that prevents any ads come out. It will work fine for any type of connection and network that you are using. It has one more benefit. It blocks ads in all application on iPhone or Mac not only in Safari browser. Here’s how to install and start using it:
● Go to https://stopad.io and download the software;

● Launch StopAd, go to its settings or just start surfing.

It works fine on iOS 9 and newer versions and on macOS 10.10 or newer versions. It doesn’t consume battery power and it leaves enough memory for running other software. One more benefit of the app is that it’s free. Of course, there’s a paid version in case you want extra features together with blocking pop ups in Safari.

How to stop pop ads in Safari?

Check the settings of the browser manually or use StopAd to do everything for you. You can find reviews about the app on iTunes to make sure it’s absolutely safe for the device. It won’t harm your iPhone or Mac. In short, you need to spend a few minutes on downloading, installing and launching the app. It takes three or four clicks, so it’s worth trying.

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