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How to Stop Pop Up Ads in Google Chrome: choose among the following alternatives

You can learn how to stop pop up ads in Google Chrome with the built-in pop up blocker. Or you can also download, install and use an outside ad blocker – an app or an add-on like StopAd, AdFender, AdMuncher, AdBlock Plus, Simple Blocker etc.

How to stop the Google Chrome ads popping up: a brief guide

Well, if you are going to stop pop up ads in Google Chrome in a quick and enjoy the ad free Internet using, just use our guide explaining how to adjust Google Chrome in the appropriate way.

Follow these 7 steps and you will see the result in less than 1 minute!

Step 1. Double click on the icon of the app to start Google Chrome.

Step 2. Go to the Customize and control Google Chrome menu (you will find the icon in the upper-right corner of the screen).

Step 3. Click on the Settings.

Step 4. Choose Advanced settings and click on the Content Settings.

Step 5. You will see the inscription Popups in the Content Settings menu.

Step 6. Check the details. The pop up blocker is not working if Popups are set for Allowed.

Step 7. There is a blue button opposite the option Allowed. Click on the button. The option will be shifted to Blocked (recommended). That means the built-in pop up blocker in Google Chrome will be enabled and pop up ads will be blocked.

As you can see, it is pretty easy to stop pop up ads in Google Chrome quickly. You do not need to download, install or purchase anything additional. You do not even have to close and restart the web browser to save the settings! The Google Chrome built-in pop up blocker is the perfect and very simple way to get rid of the intrusive advertisement immediately.

…And what about an alternative solution? Have you ever heard about such ad blockers as StopAd, AdFender, AdMuncher, AdBlock Plus, Simple Blocker? Do you know what their main features are?
First, the outside ad blocking apps and add-ons are more comprehensive than pop up blocker in Google Chrome.

Most of them are able to provide the users with full ad protection. That means they remove pop-ups, pop-unders, pre-roll video ads, advertisement on YouTube and Facebook, overlay and background adverts and the like. Many ad blockers provide the users with web and privacy protection also (they deactivate tracking, malware and phishing). And another nice bonus – some advertising blocking apps and extensions are free!

How to stop pop ads in Chrome: on-the-spot solution vs. comprehensive approach

Are you looking for the opportunity to make your Internet browsing ad free, lightning-fast and comfortable when using Google Chrome? The solution is simple: just enable the built-in pop up blocker in Chrome and enjoy every moment on the web!

If you need more options, like possibility to block different kinds of advertisement and unwanted content, strong protection of your privacy, safe Internet browsing, feel free to install one of the ad blocking apps or plug-ins like StopAd, AdMuncher, AdBlock Plus, AdFender, Simple Blocker and so on.
No matter which ad blocker will be chosen, you will be reliably secured from annoying pop ups anyway.

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