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How to start using an Edge pop up blocker?

Websites use various tools to make their visitors buy some goods or services. Go from one site to another and you will meet one pop up during one session online. This type of an ad is so annoying, especially if it is hard to close. Tap on the screen or click with the mouse and nothing comes out.

There’s a way up in this case. Close Microsoft edge, configure the ad blocker and open it again. Scroll down for more details.

Windows Edge pop up blocker: two ways to configure it

This browser has a built-in tool that every user can configure to prevent any kinds of pop up ads from coming out. It means that users have to look for the Advanced Settings menu and enable or disable the blocker there for Microsoft Edge. It’s hard for most of the users. One more thing users should know about the default tool is that it cannot guarantee the absence of ads at all.

In case someone doesn’t want to see any kinds of pop ups in Microsoft Edge, we recommend using software from the third-party developers. It means that there’s a need to install and configure a new application that works for blocking ads. One of the best apps for this purpose is StopAd:
● Download the app from https://stopad.io/windows;

● Install and launch it;

● Configure the app if required.

Once users finish with these three steps, they will not see any types of ads on the PC. Open Microsoft Edge to check it by visiting as many different sites. The speed of the connection will seem faster as no ads will take time to come out. StopAd requires minimum of disk space and memory, so it will not make any computer or laptop overloaded.

Edge pop up blocker. What’s more?

What may be better than viewing a newsfeed or watching some videos online while nothing interrupts. Get rid of all the advertisements that you won’t want to see by a few mouse clicks. Configure the Microsoft Edge browser for removing common pop ups or install StopAd to get rid of all known kinds of ads. It’s easy, fast and fun.