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How to start using a pop up blocker Opera?

A pop up ad is a new window of the browser that comes out after clicking on a button or a link. It can be an ordinary offer to buy something or it can be a malware that can harm the device. Opera has one feature that let surfing online with the minimal windows coming out in front of the users. It cannot remove all the windows, but it removes a bigger part of them. We’ll tell you how to configure it and find other ways to say goodbye to ads.

Step-by-step : pop up blocker Opera configuration

Let’s start with the default tools of Opera. Go to Preferences and choose Websites category. Scroll down for a bit and you will see the line “Pop-up”. Choose the variant that is the best for you. If there’s a plan to install a third-parties app, users can easily disable the ad blocker and let Opera show them all the pop up ads.

If you are not fine with the default features of the Opera browser, take a look at a standalone app. It’s a standalone application that blocks all known types of pop up ads not only in Opera, but also in other applications for gaming or video calls. It doesn’t consume much energy or memory, so it’s easy to use on phones, tablets and laptops.

Here’s how to start using the app:
● Go to https://stopad.io and install the right version for the OS;

● Start the application and enjoy surfing online with no pop ups.

Use this software on any Android mobile device, iPhone, iPad, Mac computer and PC. It works fine on every OS and some can check it themselves. Besides blocking ads in Opera, there are great benefits like removing ads in other software installed on the device. This software is free, but it has a paid version if you need some extra protection when online.

Statistics Tab will provide everyonr with the number of ads that this app has deleted from appearing in front of the user. There’s a Settings menu where they can choose what types of ads to remove, add some sites to the whitelist or leave everything the way it was configured by default.

How to Block Ads in Opera?

People have two ways to remove pop ups in Opera. The first is configuring the browser itself while the second one is installing the app. The first variant cannot delete all types of ads while the second one is regularly updated, so it can get rid of all known types of pop ups.