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How to set pop up blocker in Google Chrome: easy procedure

Why do we recommend setting pop up blocker in Google Chrome? First, it is a very simple process and even a child will be able to follow easy 5 steps. Second, it is completely free and built-n. So you do not need to download anything additional or pay for it.

Short guide: set pop up blocker in Google Chrome and get rid of intrusive advertisement

Look at our simple algorithm and you will know how to set pop up blocker in Google Chrome and remove the unwanted bothering ads properly.
1. Go to the main menu in the upper right corner of the screen with the browser opened.

2. Choose the option Settings.

3. Find Advanced Settings and click on the inscription to see the full list of adjustments.

4. Choose Content Settings. You will see Popups in the list.

5. Click on the Popups. If they show Allowed just set the switch to Blocked. Done! No more annoying pop up on our screen. You can enjoy and ad-free Internet browsing with Google Chrome.

We would like to share with you an alternative way of advertisement blocking. In addition to the built-in pop up blocker, you can use the outside ad blocking apps (StopAd, AdMuncher, Disconnect) or extensions (Ghostery, Fair AdBlock etc.).

The main reasons to use them are:
1. Most of ad blockers are able to remove different types of advertisement (pop ups, blinking, flashing and floating banners, pre roll video ads, overlay adverts, advertisement on YouTube, Facebook and other social websites). Most of the ad blocking apps like StopAd allow the user to filter advertising types and websites out (you can white- and blacklist them).
2. Outside ad blockers care about your personal data and protect your privacy (they have the specific tools able to identify and deactivate online trackers).
3. Some of the ad blocking apps and add-ons stop phishing and malware, providing the user with the strong web protection.

As you see, the outside independent ad blockers are comprehensive, efficient and pretty simple to install and use.

How to set pop up blocker in Google Chrome: the easiest way to get rid of pop ups immediately

If you need to remove the most annoying ads you can feel free to set the pop up blocker in Google Chrome. Moreover, the procedure is very easy and takes less than one minute. But if you want more options like web and privacy protection, we offer you to install one of these advertisement blockers: StopAd, AdMuncher, Disconnect, Ghostery, Fair AdBlock. They are free and pretty easy to use.

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