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How to prevent pop up ads

What is blocker?

The blocker is a cool app for your device, which will remove ads for you, guard your nervous and give total commodity in using internet. If you don’t believe – just read and assure yourself that it is a great escape from the world of annoying ads.

How to block ad in a pop up form

You can do it by the two ways:

  • Chrome Settings
  • Ad blocker

The first way is good and it will help you to use internet more comfortable, but the second way is more sophisticated. It has more functions and peculiarities and we will explain how it works and why it is worth to install it.

How StopAd prevents pop ups

There’s nothing special in installing the program. You should just go on its website, save the program for installing and – you won’t believe – install it!

And here is starting the most interesting – the variety of functions of this app.

  1. To enable pop up blocker you should switch on the Web Protection firstly.
  2. Then click on ‘Settings’ in the left corner
  3. Look and choose what do you need in ‘General settings’
  4. You can establish your own rules for work of this program in section ‘Riles Editor’
  5. Choose where and how you want the StopAd to filter adverts in section ‘Ad filters’
  6. In ‘Geo Filters’ you can choose the language of web pages, where it will block advert.
  7. In ‘Applications’ you can choose browsers or programs, where StopAd will remove ads.
  8. In the section ‘Web Asistant’ you can choose if you need it or not for your work with internet.
  9. In the section ‘My Account’ you can create your own account to watch the news and to be aware of specialties.
  10. And you can get to know technical characteristics of the app in the section ‘About’

It’s done! The full spectrum of controlling ad appearing is in your hands and you can don’t mind about this.

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