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How to pop up blocker Internet Explorer: a full guide to follow

Pop up windows may spoil your life or make your online surfing fun and exciting. When using Internet Explorer, there’s a chance to block the ads or stop the blocker to see them. The ad blocker is set to be enabled by default for this very browser. You cannot view the full content of the web pages in this case. Scroll down to see how to disable it and what are other ways to control the ads that you want to see or get rid of.

Enabling and disabling a pop up blocker on Internet Explorer

Open the browser and visit a few websites that. You may see some pop ups that are not controlled by the built-in features of the browser. Take the following steps to disable the default blocker:

● Launch the browser and go to Internet Options;
● Click on the Privacy tab;
● Remove the tick next to “Turn on Pop-up blocker”.

Now you will fully enjoy viewing the advertisements on any website. In case people are sick and tired of these annoying advertisements, take a look at StopAd. It’s an application
that works fine with Internet Explorer. It gives a series of benefits even with a free version such as blocking pop ups for other apps installed on the PC, instant updates for making sure you won’t see any types of ads.

Here’s a guide how to start using the app:

● Go to https://stopad.io/windows;
● Download and install the application;
● Launch it and set it up if required;
● Enjoy using Internet Explorer with no pop ups.

The configuration of StopAd is an optional step, it works great with the default settings. This software blocks all types of pop ups before someone can see them on the screen. It’s absolutely free, but there’s always a chance to get a paid version if there’s a need the extra protection of the PC from malware, hidden mining scripts and 24/7 support. If people are fine with removing ads on Internet Explorer only, a free version will be more than enough.

How to block ads on Internet Explorer?

Configure default setting of the browser or get the most from using the software provided by the third parties. You get the blocker enabled once you start using this app. If you turn it off, you will get a wide choice of other tools for removing annoying ads when online.

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