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How to manage pop up blocker in Google Chrome

The first thing, which is on mind is Google Chrome settings, but it is not the most powerful fighter. Sometimes programs, which you use every day are dipper in functioning, than you can imagine. And StopAd is precisely this! If you want to get to know how you can ‘play’ with capacities of this program – scroll down and gather information.

How to manage ad removing in Google Settings

You can block or unblock popups, add sites, which you want to be blocked and sites, which are allowed. The spectrum is not very wide, but it is better, than nothing.


First of all, you should make a decision about general ad protection – switch it on or off.

Than you can click on ‘Settings’ and choose where you want to block ads and where not. In section ‘Ad filters’

The important point – to choose the browser, which you want to be filtered in section ‘Application’

And you can even install your own rules, which will be considered by the program. It can be anithyng, which will bring you commodity in using internet.

Now you have found the common language with program and nothing is terrible, all in your hands.

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