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How to change pop up blocker in Safari: easy way to remove pop ups

When you are using Safari and do not want to see any additional data on your screen accept of the necessary materials you are looking for, you can easily adjust your browser in the proper way. Just find the pop up blocker and turn it on.

Where is the pop up blocker in Safari?

Safari has the built-in pop up blocking tool. It is pretty easy to find.
Step 1. Start the browser and click on the inscription Safari in the upper left corner of screen.

Step 2. When you see the drop-down menu, choose the option Preferences.

Step 3. Find the Security tab in the row. Click on it.

There are several options in the Web Content. Block pop-up windows is the built-in Safari ad blocker.

How to change pop up blocker in Safari: it will be enabled in one click

Just put a tick opposite the Block pop-up windows option and your web browser will save you from the annoying ads.

Worth noting, there is one more reliable way to remove different kinds of advertisement including pop-ups. You can choose and download ad blocking app (StopAd, AdMuncher, AdGuard) or extension (Ghostery, AdBlock Plus). Some of them are free (StopAd, AdMucher (accepts donations), AdBlock Plus). Most of them are easy to install and use. Outside ad blockers are usually comprehensive and provide the users with strong ad, web (malware and phishing identifying and blocking) and privacy (ad, data and social media trackers blocking) protection.
So you can choose any of these two options to remove pop ups efficiently.

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