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How to block pop up ads on Google Chrome

What are we talking about

The most annoying are pop up ads, because they appear in any time they want and sometimes it is difficult to remove them. But we can prevent them if we know how to manage Google Chrome settings or how to use ad blocker. And if you don’t now – we will tell you all.

How to block pop up ads on chrome

The first way to get rid of pop ups – is Google Chrome Settings. You just need to:

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Get into ‘Settings’
  3. Scroll down and in ‘Advanced’ choose ‘Content settings’
  4. And then just switch off the ad.

But sometimes it can be not enough just to switch off ad in Settings. And if pop ups don’t stop to persecute you, you can install a real guard for your browser and for your nervous. And this is a pop ad blocker ‘StopAd’.

Don’t know how to install, or how to use? We will explain!

  1. Open Google Chrome, type ‘StopAd’ in the search line and open the website

  2. If you want just to try – click ‘Free download’, or if you can get more professional version – click ‘Get Pro’ and choose the folder for this program
  3. Now you should open the program, which you have just downloaded and click ‘Start instalation’
  4. Agree with the rules of using this blocker, choose folder for this program and click ‘Continue’. Cool! Your ad blocker is ready for using.
  5. First of all, you should make a decision about general ad protection – switch it on or off.
  6. Than you can click on ‘Settings’ and choose where you want to block ads and where not. In section ‘Ad filters’
  7. The important point – to choose the browser, which you want to be filtered in section ‘Application’
  8. And you can even install your own rules, which will be considered by the program. It can be anithyng, which will bring you commodity in using internet.

Now you are conusant of two excellent ways of freedom from ad monsters and you can use internet without a desire to break your computer.

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