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How to add, allow, get, put blocker on Chrome

Of course you can treat with standard chrome function of blocking ad, but it doesn’t give you the 100% protection. That is why it is better to use the soft – StopAd, which has a wide spectrum of possibilities, which is reliable and simple in use.

How to get pop up blocker on Chrome

To get it on your computer – you just need to install.

  1. Open Google Chrome, clicking on the icon

  2. Open the ‘StopAd’ website.

  3. You can get free version to try, or if you can get more professional version – just click ‘Get Pro’ and choose the folder for this program

  4. Then open the program and click ‘Start installation’

  5. Agree with the rules of usage this blocker
  6. Choose folder for this app and click ‘Continue’

Gotcha! Your ad blocker is ready to use.

How to allow pop up blocker on Chrome

Now you should get a permission of Google Chrome. For this do the next steps:

  1. Click on ‘Settings’ in the right up corner
  2. Scroll down, click ‘Advanced’ and choose ‘Content Settings’
  3. There choose ‘Popups’ and allow to block them

How to put pop up blocker on Chrome

To make your blocker work in Chrome you should do the following actions:

  1. In the first instance you should open the program and switch on the Web protection.
  2. Then open the section ‘Application’ in Settings and choose Google Chrome. The program will apply and start to block ad in this browser.

How to edit pop up blocker on Google Chrome

  1. StopAd has a variety of functions and we will acquaint you with them.
  2. Click on ‘Settings’ in the left down corner
  3. Look and choose what do you need in ‘General settings’

  4. You can establish your own rules for this program in section ‘Riles Editor’

  5. Choose where you want the StopAd to remove adverts in section ‘Ad filters’
  6. In ‘Geo Filters’ you can choose the language of web pages, on which it will block advert.
  7. In ‘Applications’ you can choose browsers or programs, where StopAd will work.
  8. In the section ‘Web Asistant’ you can choose if you need it or not for your work with internet.
  9. In the section ‘My Account’ you can create your own account to watch news and to be aware of specialties.

Now you know all the possibilities of this program and you can use it, doing simple and pleasure your internet work.

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