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Firefox popup blocker not working

Annoying ads that come out suddenly can drive anyone mad. Site owners may overdo with advertisements and make your stay uncomfortable. There’s an option to activate a built-in ad blocker for Firefox and get rid of some pop ups. This feature is good for old types of ads and it doesn’t work with the ones that appeared not so long time ago.

We’re going to describe a simple way of how to deal with the blocker if it doesn’t work and how to install another application that will remove all possible pop ups from the computer or the phone.

How to make Firefox popup blocker work?

The first thing to do is to update the browser and check its settings. Your goal is to see that the blocker is enabled. To do this, go to Preferences and find Privacy & Security tab. There should be a tick near “Block popup windows”. I you don’t see it, it means that the blocker was disabled. A green tick means that something went wrong with it.

If there’s a green tick and you still see annoying popups, try removing Firefox from the computer or the phone and installing one more time. It takes time, but it should work fine. There’s another way to prevent popups from coming out on the screen of your device. It’s installing StopAd as a standalone app.

This app will block pop ups in Firefox and other applications that you use when going online. Here’s how you can start using it:

● Go to https://stopad.io/;

● Download and install the software;

● Start the software;

● Enjoy your pastime or work with no ads.

Reasons for Mozilla Firefox pop up blocker not working

One of the reasons for not blocking advertisements online is that this tool is not up to date. You can wait a bit for its update by the developers and check if it’s true. Another reason for not blocking ads is some errors while performing its functions. You may try to tick the box in the Settings menu of Firefox, cole and open the browser.

One of the most common reasons is that pop up developers find new ways to overcome the work of simple ad blockers like the one that is a part of the Mozilla Firefox browser. So installing an application from third parties may save you from long hours of wasting time on the browser configuration.

Mozilla Firefox pop up blocker not working

Take the tips from the article and make the blocker work on your iPhone, Mac, Android phone or PC. You can do it manually by configuring the settings of Firefox or by installing StopAd and saving yourself from hours of wasted time. Keep in mind that only the software that is regularly updated will provide you with a positive experience of online surfing with no pop ups at all.

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