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Firefox pop up blocker

If you use internet often and ads interrupt your work and annoy you – the ad blocker is a great way out. It is convenient, simple in using and very effective. We recommend to try the ad blocker StopAd, which have a lot of different important points, which will help you to control the situation.

How do I stop pop up ads in Firefox

There’s nothing special, by a very simple way – I install StopAd.

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox, by clicking the icon.

  2. Open the site of StopAd, click ‘Download now’ and ‘Save file’

  3. Then start the installation

  4. Agree with the rules of using this blocker

  5. Choose folder for this program and click ‘Continue’

Gotcha! Your ad blocker is ready for using.

How to switch on or off pop up blocker on Firefox

To enable pop up blocker you should switch on the Web Protection firstly. Or you can switch it of if you don’t want to block advertisement anymore.

In ‘Aplications’ you should choose Firefox to be filtered by this program.

And if you don’t want to use it more – you can just switch off these two functions or delete the app.

Firefox pop up blocker settings

  1. Settings is the important part of every app, because in particular there you can make all by the most comfortable way for you.
  2. Click on ‘Settings’ in the left corner
  3. Look and choose what do you need in ‘General settings’
  4. You can establish your own rules for work of this program if you need something special in section ‘Riles Editor’
  5. Choose where and how you want ad to be filtered in section ‘Ad filters’
  6. In ‘Geo Filters’ you can choose the language of web pages, where it will block advert.
  7. In ‘Applications’ you can choose browsers or programs, where StopAd will remove ads
  8. In the section ‘Web Asistant’ you can choose if you need it or not for your work with internet.
  9. In the section ‘My Account’ you can create your own account to watch the news and to be aware of specialties.
  10. And you can get to know technical characteristics of the app in the section ‘About’

Now you know all the nuances of using StopAd and can enjoy its work and enjoy using internet, because ad monsters will not annoy you anymore.

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