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Chrome pop up blocker not working

If your Chrome blocker doesn’t want to guard you from annoying ads on your screen – you can always make a new friend, which will help you to use internet with pleasure. You can install a StopAd app, which will work properly and you even will be able to control it. And now we would like to tell you how to install and how to control the StopAd if you decide to use it.

If your Google chrome pop up blocker not working – you can download StopAd

  1. Open Google Chrome, type ‘StopAd’ in the search line and open the website

  2. If you want just to try – click ‘Free download’, or if you can get more professional version – click ‘Get Pro’ and choose the folder for this program
  3. Now you should open the program, which you have just downloaded and click ‘Start instalation’
  4. Agree with the rules of using this blocker, choose folder for this program and click ‘Continue’. Gotcha! Your ad blocker is ready for using.

How to fix pop up blocker on Google chrome

Now, when the app is already on your computer, but if ad still make you nervous and interrupt your work, you should check the following things:

First of all, the ‘Web protection’ should be turned on.

Than you can click on ‘Settings’ and choose where you want to block ads and where not. In section ‘Ad filters’

The main point – to choose the app, which you want to be filtered in section ‘Application’

And if you have done all how we have just explained – you are effectively protected from the annoying internet beasts, which always disturb us, when we use internet.

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