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How to add, allow, get, put blocker on Chrome

Of course you can treat with standard chrome function of blocking ad, but it doesn’t give you the 100% protection. That is why it is better to use the soft – StopAd, which has a wide spectrum of possibilities, which is reliable and simple in use. How to get pop …

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How to prevent pop up ads

What is blocker? The blocker is a cool app for your device, which will remove ads for you, guard your nervous and give total commodity in using internet. If you don’t believe – just read and assure yourself that it is a great escape from the world of annoying ads. …

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How to block pop up ads on Google Chrome

What are we talking about The most annoying are pop up ads, because they appear in any time they want and sometimes it is difficult to remove them. But we can prevent them if we know how to manage Google Chrome settings or how to use ad blocker. And if …

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How to manage pop up blocker in Google Chrome

The first thing, which is on mind is Google Chrome settings, but it is not the most powerful fighter. Sometimes programs, which you use every day are dipper in functioning, than you can imagine. And StopAd is precisely this! If you want to get to know how you can ‘play’ …

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Pop up ads on Google are real enemies

How many times you got distracted from your work because of ad? This windows, which jump on your screen and say ‘buy me…’ or ‘how to treat…’. And at every turn you payed attention on them, not on your job. That is why ads are harmful and we want to …

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