How to block pop ups and be happy?

You’re surfing online, reading some news or viewing photos and a sudden new window appears on the screen and you cannot close it right away. It’s annoying and it’s sometimes easier to leave the site than to close this evil thing. But there’s a solution for this problem. No magic. Just an app.

How do I block pop ups myself?

There are a few ways to prevent ads come out on the screen of the laptop or the phone. The first is staying offline. And the second is using a specific software that will block any attempts of the websites show a commercial. All you need to do is to install and launch the ad blocker. There’s a third variant if someone loves spending hours configuring the settings of the browser.

You can also find the configuration tools on the device that let us set up some rules for installed application and for the browsers. Define if you want to see any new flachins windows on the screen in Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. These are the most popular browsers.

A step-by-step guide: block pop-ups on your device

You may have any device for surfing online and there are the pop-ups coming out on each of them. Let’s take a closer look at how you can do it.

  1. Get rid of apps on Mac. One standalone app will save from long hours of configuring the browsers. Otherwise, one needs to work with every of them. If someone are using Safari only, it’s just fine. But a bit long.
  2. Forget about ads on Windows. You can also install a standalone application that may act out as a blocker in case there’s no need to waste time configuring the settings of the system.
  3. Remove ads on Android. In most cases, people get an ad window that covers more than half of the screen. We recommend installing one app that guarantees that no commercials will ever come out on the screen.
  4. Forget about pop-ups on iOS. Everything is almost the same as on Mac, so just choose the path you want to go along.

Do you know how to block all pop ups?

Can you imagine the worlds with no advertisements where people can freely visit any website and enjoy time there? Configure each browser on a computer or a phone, remove free applications that have annoying commercials. Or install one app that blocks advertisements. Choose the variant that makes users happy and let them say goodbye to all distracting ads.

You can block them all. Every single ad that tries to appear on the screen undergoes a strict prohibition. No more annoying things, no more awful pop-ups. Only safe and fun pastime or work.